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I write this from the smallest confines of a mind kept tight under turn of phrase and sarcasm laced barriers designed to keep all out, including myself. In the soft sway of a train car moving both too slow and perfectly attuned to its own methods and needs I find myself contemplating the idea of solace in small moments. Simply moments of peace where the world melts away and stories and legends come to life. There is no thinking only a middling ground of waiting, for a stop, for a change of speed, and new sky to look at. All of it waiting in a fashion that both will and will not arrive. Glimpses of people with stories and lives of their own I will never touch or impact and just as vivid and beautiful as mine own.

Somewhere, I think of you and I am not sure if what I feel is sorrow over what I lost, selfish, or merely hoping that what you wished to achieve is working in your favour. If things had played out differently,  maybe I would have been travelling away from a weekend spent wrapped amongst your warmth and smile and overbearingly crisp personality that at one point I think I both loved and feared. No, I think I sit an inbetween of selfish and hopeful that your words will bring you peace and if I am not to be apart that was your decision to make and yours alone. I understand the motives, I've done them myself and yet I am left with one last note of sour glancing on the tip of my tongue.

In moments like this, of solace and bear open forwardness of nothing more than being alone in a crowded room. Do you hope the same for me? Do you miss our late night conversations and my shortcomings and how I was far from good enough for you and yet you touched my face and smiled with something that said on that day this is because of you. I hope your wish worked in your favour and this be the last time I address what I never had a chance to say. I should've kissed you and that is my fault. But now I am letting myself stop dwelling on things. I lead but one short life and from moments like these my thoughts an incoherent laughter that tells me but one thing. I listen to the sound of feet in my past too much for it to drive me forward. If one leaves so does the other and I think it is time I do so. My partner on this ride is gone both figuratively and literally and I am not one for idle small talk. May your words write the path you walk and may you find happiness in your life.

If on some odd chance you read this, may you take away one thing, for better or worse your sharp edge has left a mark and I shall bear your touch for my days but I feel no remorse or longing as I end this open letter. I have no time for unruly thoughts to prevent me from a life of laughter with those I love and care for now. Just as this train you were my transition and waiting period for something beyond what I was then. I loved you but I love them and I am done waiting.
A Letter
You'll always maintain a place in my heart, A.
When fact becomes legend, print the legend. 

Discordian Wastelands: Book One

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-Snippets Available- 

The Discordian Wasteland 

Of Blood, Brothers, and Bullets.


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